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BioCell Collagen Reduces UVB-Induced Skin Damage

UVB is a part of the invisible radiation that comes from the Sun. It causes skin damage, sunburn, darkening, thickening of the outer skin layer, melanoma, and other types of skin cancer. To reduce UVB-induced skin damage and photoaging, experts suggest using sunscreen to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

A new study published in the Journal of Functional Foods suggests that BioCell Collagen can help reduce signs of photoaging. This supplement showed efficacy in decreasing transepidermal water loss, wrinkles, and an increase in hyaluronic acid (HA) levels and skin elasticity.

BioCell Technology has over 20 years of experience in researching and developing science-based dietary ingredients. Their BioCell Collagen is a chicken sternal cartilage extract with a proven track record of improving joint and skin health. 

BioCell Collagen is a unique matrix of hydrolyzed collagen type II peptides, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate. Last year’s randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial showed that this dietary supplement could reduce skin wrinkling and improve elasticity. That was just the latest piece of evidence supporting BioCell Collagen’s efficacy.

Photoaging represents skin damage from sunlight, in particular, ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV light is accountable for most visible skin changes, and it speeds up skin aging. The most common signs of skin damage include wrinkles, decreased hydration, and skin elasticity.

Although we are all exposed to UVB radiation, there are minimal research efforts into minimizing skin damage, according to a skin nutrition expert and RD, Brooke Alpert. Because of that, she highlighted how important this study was, and that BioCell Collagen’s unique formulation showed great promise in reducing photoaging effects.

Researchers tested BioCell Collagen on hairless mice, a suitable animal model because they have similar skin properties like humans. Mice were separated into 4 groups:

  1. No UVB exposure and no supplement
  2. UVB exposure and no supplement
  3. UVB exposure and 200 mg/kg BioCell Collagen
  4. UVB exposure and 600 mg/kg  BioCell Collagen

After 14 weeks, the results showed that BioCell Collagen had a positive effect on reducing the impact of UVB radiation. The winkle formation decreased, while skin elasticity and HA content improved. Researchers attribute those improvements to matrix metalloproteinases enzyme content and transepidermal water loss changes. 

“These findings are consistent with prior research on the efficacy of BioCell Collagen as a safe and effective component to a skin health routine,” said the president of BioCell Technology, Suhail Ishaq. 

The results are excellent news for anyone who likes a safe and effective option for their skincare routine. 

“Photoaging affects nearly everyone and is responsible for a vast majority of visible skin damage. While BioCell Collagen cannot replace your sunscreen, this study is further evidence that BioCell Collagen can serve as a safe, easy-to-take, non-invasive addition to a skincare regimen. Pairing daily oral supplementation of BioCell Collagen with a quality topical sunscreen to prevent damage can be the foundation of a good year-round skincare routine.”With the whole summer ahead of us, it is essential to think about skin protection. BioCell Collagen is an evidence-backed product, with a long history of improving skin and joint health. To learn more about it, or see one of many available formulations, you can visit BioCell’s website.

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