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OptiBiotix Introduces GoFigure Porridge – New Weight and Cholesterol Management Solution

Optibiotix Health PLC  has been active since 2012, and its goal has been to develop compounds that positively affect our microbiome. A healthy microbiome can help people manage and prevent certain health conditions

Optibiotix’s new GoFigure Porridge features an award-winning SlimBiome® technology that helps with weight management and balancing cholesterol levels. GoFigure range features numerous health-enhancing products and the latest addition GoFigure Porridge provides as much as 8.3g of fiber per serving. That is 25% of a recommended daily intake.

The porridge contains British oats, famous for having beta-glucans that help regulate cholesterol levels. 

 “The launch of our new porridge is another exciting step for our GoFigure range into functional foods, which has seen continued success with consumers across Europe,” said Steven Riley, OptiBiotix’s Director of Marketing and Consumer Sales.

“Featuring a blend of non-digestible prebiotics, dietary fibers such as konjac fiber (glucomannan) and a trace mineral, consumers can start their day feeling fuller for longer with a delicious bowl of GoFigure porridge, thanks to our science-backed SlimBiome technology. It’s packed with fiber to help improve gut health, while the oats are rich in beta-glucans to help manage cholesterol health by reducing the intestinal uptake of dietary cholesterol,” he added.

SlimBiome technology contains a combination of ingredients with proven health benefits:

  • Konjac fibers (glucomannan) expand in the stomach, which leads to a prolonged feeling of fullness, eliminating the unnecessary need for snacking. It also delays stomach emptying.
  • Chicory root fibers encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, supporting diverse microbiome.
  • Chromium promotes healthy metabolism and regulates blood glucose levels, helping to eliminate food cravings.

GoFigure Porridge comes in pouch packs, and it’s an excellent addition to muesli pots, shakes, flapjacks, and more. It is perfect for people who want to diversify their breakfast and manage their weight daily. 

The good news for all the vegans out there is that GoFigure Porridge is also vegan friendly.

The porridge can be eaten hot or cold, by simply adding water, milk, or fruit juice to a 60g serving. It can easily be topped with nuts and fruits, for additional flavor and nutrition. It is an excellent source of proteins, low in salt and saturated fats, making it great for people who want to enjoy a balanced diet.

OptiBiotix offers several flavor boosters to enhance the taste. They are all sugar and fat-free, with zero calories, and you can choose between a selection of flavors, including mango, strawberry, mint, and orange.

You can order GoFigure Porridge at OptiBiotix’s Online store, where you can also browse a wide selection of other functional foods with health-enhancing benefits.

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