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Unibar Launched CapsiClear™ – Unique Formulation for Eye Health

Unibar Corporation is a US-based life science company with over 20 years of experience developing ingredients for better health. Their approach is science-based and environment-responsible, with a goal to create the best ingredients for dietary supplements, foods, and beverages. 

With Unibar’s deep understanding of today’s market needs, the company has developed CapsiClear™, a unique ingredient developed to provide potent eye health benefits. 

CapsiClear™ is a special mixture of carotenoids derived from red chilies (Capsicum annuum) grown in southern India. The main carotenoid capsanthin is standardized to 50%, and it works together with cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin to provide superior eye health benefits. 

Since humans can’t synthesize carotenoids, we need to ingest them through supplementation or diet, where fruits and vegetables are the primary sources of these ingredients. Research has shown that carotenoids have many functions in the human body, including the protection of macular pigment in the eye, and prevention of eye-related diseases.

CapsiClear™ supports healthy macular pigment density, which acts as a natural pair of sunglasses and protects the retinas from blue light. After running two initial trials, Unibar concluded that their supplement could help reduce eye fatigue, improve reading speed over blue and white light, and manage intraocular pressure. These effects are vital for long-term eye health, as increased intraocular pressure is one of the risk factors that lead to permanent eye damage and the development of numerous eye conditions.

The president of Unibar, Mr. Sevanti Mehta, said:

“Because there is little to no previous research on the benefits of capsanthin, we have spent the last eight years developing and researching this new molecule, and the results are astounding. We have a new ingredient formulation that takes a very comprehensive approach to eye health and is a perfect addition to existing products or as a supplement by itself. After the success of our first two studies, we look forward to additional research to further understand CapsiClear’s mechanisms of action and the scope of its benefits.”

Our modern-day lives rely on screens for everything, from jobs to entertainment. And since we are facing COVID-19 pandemic, with many people being in the lockdown, we can only expect screen times to increase. One of the main problems with prolonged screen times is increased blue light exposure. Prolonged exposure to this type of light could negatively affect your eyesight, but it could also disrupt your sleep cycle. That is why you should always avoid using electronics before going to bed.

CapsiClear™ has a GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) status; it is produced according to cGMP, HAACP, PMDA, and ISO requirements, and it is certified halal, kosher, and parve.With this launch, Unibar is making important steps in the eye health supplement market, with huge potential for collaborations and superior eye health formulations in the future.

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