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Our nutraceutical buyer’s guide offers a variety of nutraceuticals, specialty ingredients, equipment for nutraceutical companies, packaging materials, and services in the nutraceutical industry. Browse our nutraceutical buyer’s guide below to find everything, from your favorite dietary supplement to nutraceutical companies near you. Add your company today!

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A F Chapman Corporation
Address: 111 Bolte Lane Saint Clair Missouri
Business Genre:
Business Description:

Replacement knives for machines.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 800.843.1404
AmeriQual Group LLC
Address: 18200 Hwy 41 North
Business Genre:
Business Description:

Shelf-stable foods and meal solutions: Retort-spouted pouches, non-spouted pouches, rigid containers. Baby food, beverages, broths, condiments, fruit and vegetable purees, jams, jellies, peanut and nut butters, processed cheeses, puddings, soups, stews, sweet/savory sauces, yogurt blends. Aseptic: Spouted pouches, non-spouted pouches, cartons. Hot-fill, cold-fill, low water moisture-portion control cups and pouches.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 812-867-1444
Arista Industries, Inc.
Address: 557 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT
Business Genre:
Business Description:

Supplier of Natural Marine & Vegetable Oils, Organic Oils, Essential Oils & Powder Form Oils

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 12037611009
BioActives Europe GmbH
Address: Address
BioActives Europe Gmbh
Max-Planck-Straße 27,
61184 Karben,
Business Genre:
Business Description:

BioActives Europe GmbH is a standardized herbal extracts and specialty ingredients manufacturer and marketing specialist specifically catering to the requirements of food supplements, nutraceuticals, and food & beverage industries. BioActives focuses on understanding the needs and requirements of each client and thereby providing the most competitive solution in terms of quality, price, and continued service to the growing demands of every individual customer.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: +49 (0)6039 9344612
Cambridge Commodities
Address: 203 Lancaster Way Business Park
Business Genre:
Business Description:

Cambridge Commodities specialises in supplying nutritional ingredients and product solutions to the sports nutrition, health & wellbeing, pet nutrition and food & beverage industries. With over 20 years’ experience in quality and sourcing, we provide 2500 different ingredients to help our customers create market-leading products through our commitment to quality, service and innovation.

Our mission is to passionately provide quality nutritional ingredients and healthier innovation to improve wellbeing worldwide.

Business Phone Number: 01353667258
CANADIAN ORGANIC Spice & Herb Co. Inc.
Address: 115 Main Street
Watson, Saskatchewan, Canada

Business Genre:
Business Description:

We are a Canadian company that provides our customers with high-quality, organic ingredients sourced from all over the world. Our brand has a large line of organic spices, herbs and seasoning blends as well as a line of organic, gluten free oats.
Recently, we launched a new organic Fish N' Fry Coating Mix line with three flavours and made from organic, gluten free ingredients.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 306-287-1980
Canadian Unique Health Ltd.
Address: 493145 Honey Rd, PO Box 562
Earlton, Ontario
Business Genre:
Business Description:

Natural pain relief products for arthritis and various pain ailments! We sell direct online as well as to wholesalers and distributors for retail purposes. Please contact us for more information or to order.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 613-921-4113
Our Product
Address: C/Iceber, S/N
30593 La Palma -Cartagena -Murcia
Business Genre:
Business Description:

We are producter of carob extract as an ingredient with hight helth value or as final product.
We extract from the carob sugars, ciclitols, antioxidant and minerals, being very carefully in our process to keep safe these values .

Business Website Address: Ceratonia Plus more than a sweetener
Business Phone Number: +34968554011
Chef josef’s Seasoning Blend
Address: 1607 kelly st.
Business Genre:
Business Description:

All seasoning blends are produced in Sonoma county California
They are blended with organic pink Himalayan salt and 10 all natural herbs and Spices.
It will make your cooking easy, zand you will feel like a gourmet chef

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 707 7999741
Address: Handelsweg 1a
Business Genre:
Business Description:

Cibdol is Europe’s leading provider of CBD oil, capsules, topicals, crystals, and more. We deliver the utmost purity in every product and use only the highest-quality ingredients.

With years of experience, highly sophisticated machinery, and the best minds in the industry, we have become leaders in our field, continuing to set the industry standard.

At Cibdol, our focus is on Swiss purity, a mantra that underpins every product and every process.

From our purpose-built laboratory in Basel, Switzerland, we use innovative scientific methods to produce the purest and safest cannabinoid-infused products. Combined with pharmaceutical-grade equipment, we have the tools necessary to control all stages of production.

Complete control over the development of new and existing product ranges means adhering to strict quality control standards so we can continue to satisfy all regulations.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 0041615880313