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Improving Health With BellaVie’s Innovative Probiotics and Synbiotics

Our bodies are home to trillions of living microorganisms. They inhabit our skin, gastrointestinal tract, all of our cavities, and they are called microbiota. Even though most people think about illness when they hear the word bacteria, the truth is that these microorganisms have co-evolved with us, and we have developed a symbiotic relationship.

This relationship is beneficial for everybody, which is why our microbiota is so diverse. Microbes get a reasonably stable living environment with plenty of nutrients, while we get protection from invaders, help with mood regulation, and digesting certain ingredients.

Since our microbiota is crucial for our well-being, BellaVie has developed a line of probiotics and symbiotics containing live microbial strains to support various aspects of our health. They use science-based methods to research and create products that tackle current global health issues.

With their innovative approach, they have created a new concept of Synbioceuticals©.

BellaVie’s supplements contain three main parts: probiotics, prebiotics, and nutraceuticals.

  • Probiotics contain live strains of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacillus, and yeasts that repopulate, diversify, and bring back balance to our microbiota. 
  • Prebiotics are specific nutrients that create a suitable environment for a healthy microbiota. That’s why prebiotics have a synergetic effect to probiotics.
  • Nutraceuticals are natural ingredients that have specific health benefits. In combination with prebiotics and probiotics, they elevate the efficacy of supplements.

Because of these symbiotic and nutraceutical effects of BellaVie’s supplements, they have coined the term Synbioceuticals©, which should demonstrate all aspects of their products.

This unique approach has resulted in a line of health-boosting supplements:

  • BellaVie Immuno supports the immune system. This supplement contains eight different strains of live microorganisms, fibers, and vitamins C and D3 to improve the body’s immune response. The unique formulation targets the intestinal microbiome and improves immune function.
  • BellaVie Cholesterol – helps to normalize cholesterol blood levels. The formulation contains five bacteria strains, prebiotics, and Pine Phytosterol, which regulates cholesterol levels in the blood. High blood cholesterol can lead to a myriad of cardiovascular conditions, which is why everybody should be careful.
  • BellaVie Stress – helps manage stress and anxiety. BellaVie Stress contains ten different microbial species, fibers, and vitamins B6 and B9. Everybody is under a lot of stress these days, and this unique formulation can help by supporting a normal function of the neurological system. 
  • BellaVie Gluco – for stabilizing blood glucose and insulin levels. This supplement could help fight obesity and type 2 diabetes symptoms by regulating sugar and insulin in the blood. BellaVie Gluco contains two special ingredients next to six different microbial species and prebiotics, improving BellaVie Gluco’s efficacy.

Nopal is a diuretic, with antioxidant properties, and weight management abilities, while Chromium Chloride helps regulate sugar and insulin blood levels. 

  • BellaVie Woman – manages vaginal flora. With seven microbial species, fibers, and cranberry extract, this supplement reduces the risk of urinary infection and improves vaginal health.
  • BellaVie Children – supports normal bone growth and immune system functioning in children. With a carefully selected eight microbial strains, a mix of fiber, zinc, and vitamin D3, this formulation is created to support the health of our young ones.

BellaVie is a new nutraceutical company based in Belgium. With their innovative approach and concern for global health problems, we can expect more news about their research and product development. To learn more about BellaVie, feel free to visit their website.

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